Guide to completing the C100 form for Child Arrangements

Guide to completing the C100 form for Child Arrangements 2023-07-07

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Attached is a guide from Mediate Uk which shows how to complete the C100 form step by step. They also offer urgent MIAM's. The example they show is the "paper" form. It can actually be downloaded and completed on computer. But there is also now an online form as well. Their example of what to put in box b) is quite good but very brief. It's not a very big box, but you can attach a separate typed sheet and just put "please see attached sheet" in that box. Although their example covers the basics of why the example person is applying - the application will look the same as thousands of others. It can help to give a little bit more history - eg when you separated, when the children were born, how long they were seeing Dad before the time was stopped etc. And also to state specifically what you want the court to order at the end. Eg I request the court makes an order for my child to live with both parents on a 50/50 shared care basis and I request the court reinstates my child's time with me via an interim order. If you don't ask, you don't get.

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