Election Fever?


Staff member
I know politics can be a tricky subject but it affects us all. Somehow I can't get enthused about the next election. Maybe it's tiredness or I'm showing my age, but I'm beginning to think they're all useless! I hope things do improve though, whoever gets elected and hope it's not some blooming coalition again.

Anyway I've been enjoying watching the various election debates. Not to be influenced in any way but just to see what people actually say.

The one with 7 of them last week was quite interesting. I didn't even know who half of them were! What's annoying though is the questions from the audience - I wonder if they pick certain questions deliberately which are fairly mainstream. I'd like to ask a few questions myself but not "what are you going to do about xyz" - maybe more specific things. There were certain subjects that weren't mentioned at all.

This is in the Uk by the way Maya, in case you didn't know :) General Election coming up. Lots of drama.