Ticking boxes


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I am only just catching up with various routine medical things since the pandemic - due to having been ill 18 months ago. I finally got a mammogram done after missing the last one (a worry in the back of my mind all this time) and got the all clear but it's the worst one I've ever had! Some are much better at doing it than others. Felt like a lump of meat that had been through a mangle!

Smear test is an issue - I really can't face it - am post menopausal and, with all due respect, the nurses who have done them previously put me off ever having one again. But I know it's important. So I've ended up paying for a private hpv test, which is much easier - just a swab you do at home. Apparently the NHS were doing this as a trial 2 or 3 years ago but only in London, so if you want it you have to pay for it. Cost £95.

Apparently if that's clear you don't need a smear. If it's positive you do need a smear where they look at the cells under a microscope. From what I've read, with a smear test these days, they only do an hpv test anyway and if that's clear they don't bother to look at the cells under a microscope.

I find it reassuring that this is available - an hpv test - but why not on the NHS for all women?

So that's two boxes ticked (only just got the kit for the HPV test though).

I finally got an appointment for MRI scans for my knees and it had to be abandoned part way through - long story. Very frustrating. So am now waiting for another appointment :rolleyes: I could rant about it, but suffice to say I've made a formal complaint against a particular hospital and insisted I go to the bigger one next time. Horrible experience.

Either I've been unlucky with treatment recently or NHS staff are just so overloaded in some hospitals .........but the local bigger hospital are great - I've had a few visits to A&E there the last year and they're all wonderful. Despite a 9 hour wait recently. At least you get something looked at and x rays all done in one go!